What is Coaching?


Coaching is a structured and creative personal process that helps you to define and take action towards the realization of your unique goals, visions and desires. 

Coaching helps you to clarify that gray cloud of thoughts, which often inhibits us from making sense of what is going on. With more clarity you can identify and move beyond your current fears and self-imposed limits.

Our work aims to connecting you to your unique purpose, values and strengths.

As a coach I am I am not analyzing your past nor giving you advice. I serve as your mirror.

I am also your challenger and champion. I accompany you with the conviction and trust that all the answers and solutions already lie within you. 


The coaching process is both structured and creative. It consists of active listening, powerful questions, and various tools and exercises that make you see and experience new perspectives and possibilities for your current situation.

The sessions last between 60 to 75minutes - face to face or via Skype. During the coaching process we work together as a team on your agenda and the topics you bring to our sessions. We will decide together the length of the coaching relationship, depending on your situation.


My role as your coach is to help you discover and experience yourself truly so that you can become a proactive creator of the life you want to live.

There is a big difference between talking about what’s important to you, and actually doing something about it. Self-discovery alone isn't much help if it doesn't turn into action. The power of coaching is the combination of working with your inner life with a focus on concrete action.

What you choose to DO and how you choose BE today paves the path to your future.


Try saying « I feel happy and confident about my life » with your shoulders shrinked and your head hanging down. Then say the same phrase with your chest open and head looking up. What happens?

The posture of our body, how we hold ourselves has a big impact on how we feel. We spend way too much time in our heads, analyzing our thoughts over and over again so that they end up confusing and blocking us from taking action.

During my coaching sessions I use somatic awareness exercises, mindfulness and other creative methods such as drawing and using space together with traditional coaching questioning. This is because the logical thinking – our mind - is only one part of us. To truly create lasting change and create new perspectives, we need to engage our whole being.My purpose is to make you become more aware and able to use all your senses: your intuition, your body and your mind so that you can embody your best self.


  • A coaching process lasts between 4-16 sessions – depending on your needs

  • The length of each session is 75minutes

  • Price: CHF 115,- / session (with 5% being donated to Conservation International)


  • Package offers:

    • 4x CHF 430,-

    • 8x CHF 840,-

  • Students/AVS/unemployed: call me and we can find a solution together!


  • I offer a 30min discovery session for free!