“Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Are you currently stuck and alone with your thoughts and ideas?
Do you need to find clarity and courage to take action towards what makes your heart tick?
If yes, coaching can support you! 

I work with proactive and open-minded individuals who are ready to engage in self-discovery and take action towards their goals and dreams.

Nice to meet You!

I believe that when we accept ourselves as we are, trust our inner voice and follow it we can create a ripple effect of positive transformation in our lives – and though that in our surroundings.

I am a curious soul and a life-long learner who is passionate about human potential and making a difference. I work as a life coach, group facilitator and trainer in the domains of personal and organisational development, team building and gender equality. Since over 10 years I also give dance classes – cuban salsa and jazz has a special place in my heart. I have the privilege to be a mother of a little girl and live with her and my husband in Lausanne. Causes that I deeply care about are the protection of nature and gender equality & inclusion. I strive to live a sustainable lifestyle and continuously invest in further learning in the realms of psychology, social innovation and collaboration. Integrity, freedom, creativity and movement are some of my core values that I use as my guiding principles in life.

For me living a successful live means staying true to yourself and taking action towards proactively creating the change you want to see and the life you want to live.

I look forward to connecting with you!

How I can Support You?

Benefits of Coaching

Gain clarity & focus about what you want

Connect to your inner wisdom and move beyond your limiting beliefs

Gain new perspectives for what is possible for your life

Take action

A Creative Approach

In my coaching sessions I mix various tools and approaches together, always combining the logical thinking & talking side with creative exercises. I strongly believe that using the wisdom of our body and our creative side gets to the heart of the issues much faster than simply talking. 

The creative exercises might take the form of using images, movement and body postures, drawing and mindfulness.

My purpose is to make you become more aware and able to use all your senses: your intuition, your body and your mind so that you can embody your best self.


Create Ripples of Change

When you invest in yourself, you're also creating meaningful change in the world.

Because with every coaching session you pay, you also support the protection of nature and waters around the world. 

In order to create ripples of positive change and invest in our collective future, I donate 5% of all my earnings from the coaching sessions to Conservation International - an organisation that works to protect land and sea across the world. Conservation International empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of humanity. You can read more about their work here: www.conservation.org


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Let's get in touch!

Want to work with me? Have a question, an idea or would like to collaborate? I look forward to connecting with you! #letsgetintouch

I work in French, English and Finnish via Skype or face-to-face (Lausanne area for the moment).

0041 78 834 56 97

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